Overseas Development Assistance

The following provides useful links to individuals involved in or interested in International Development Assistance:

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1   Link   Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade – Australian Aid
2   Link   Regional Assistance Mission To Solomon Islands
3   Link   New Zealand Agency For International Development
4   Link   Asian Development Bank
5   Link   The World Bank
6   Link   UN Mellennium Development Goals
7   Link   ACFID
8   Link   ALNAP
9   Link   ELDIS
10   Link   HAP
11   Link   Relief Web
12   Link   OCHA
13   Link   Center of Excellence for Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance
14   Link   Shelter Cluster
15   Link   People in Aid
16   Link   SOPAC
17   Link   Master Builders
18   Link   Devnet Jobs
19   Link   Expats Australia
Useful website for Australians working overseas