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RHK-logo A company of Reeves International Pty Ltd and HK Logistics Pty Ltd.
37 Mangrove Road, Taren Point, 2229. NSW Australia.
Tel: (+612) +612 9526 8777 Fax: (+612) 612 9526 7833
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RHK Project Management  

RHK Project Management Pty Ltd was formed as a joint venture in 2000. The company brings together, and draws upon the expertise and experience of Reeves International and HK Logistics (HKL) to deliver successful construction management, procurement and logistical services for remote locations. That includes community reconstruction in Yogyakarta after the 2005 earthquake, secondary schools in Kiribati, and most recently a security upgrade to AusAID apartments in Port Moresby.
Reeves International is a construction management company. It has successfully delivered Overseas Development Assistance infrastructure projects in the Asia and Pacific Region for the past twenty-five years including a wide range of projects in the education, health and justice sectors. We are specialists in delivering projects in developing countries where operating conditions may include weak governance, fledgling construction sector, difficult and remote locations. Reeves has worked closely with all levels of Government, contractors and communities in the design and delivery of construction works, undertaking capacity development.
HK Logistics (HKL) is a specialised logistics service provider supporting emergency response activities often in remote and challenging environments. We have been providing services to AusAID, other Commonwealth Government Agencies and international Humanitarian stakeholders since 1987. Currently hold major Logistics Services contracts with AusAID, Australian Federal Police and Australian Defence Force. In 2009 HKL was successful in securing the contract with the Australian Federal Police (AFP) for the support of its operations in the Solomon Islands under the Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands (RAMSI), where they are currently providing the full range of Camp Services in support of some 400 live in dependents and up to 600 day time residents. These services are an extension of experience gained from their work in providing similar services to AusAID and the AFP in Papua New Guinea (Bougainville) and Nauru, where they have been operating since 2002.