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Director – Peter Cusack


With broad ranging experience across all three companies, Peter has a considerable depth of experience in putting together project teams, analysing difficult projects including access solutions and in analysing local conditions, establishing contacts with local and off-shore suppliers and specialist subcontractors when projects demand skills not readily available. Peter also specialises in Bills of Quantities, Cost Plans and other essential project foundation documentation for Infrastructure Projects that evaluate risk. This includes currency fluctuation, commercial bid preparation, critical path programming, methodologies and tender submissions.

Peter is experienced in the establishment of in-country, satellite offices and project-based facilities where he assists in the development of construction methodology, sequencing schedules (programmes) and the implementation of project administrative and reporting software. Peter has sound experience in project budgeting, cost control and other important requirements that are the cornerstones for the management of a construction and development project so that time and budget expectations meet with client expectations.

As well as being a Director of Reeves International, Peter is also a Director of CCB Envico, also Melbourne-based, focusing on water and sanitation projects in Australia and in the Asia / Pacific Region.