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RSIIP is three years of further assistance that builds on RIRSP that SKM and Reeves managed since 2006. The program strengthens the capacity of the Solomon Islands Government (SIG) and local building and design contractors to develop systems, policies, procedures and staff skills to design, build, and manage appropriate good quality buildings and infrastructure for the people of Solomon Islands. The focus is on the law and justice sector including correctional centres, magistrate court houses and support facilities such as housing. Reeves is managing contractor and responsible for all aspects of the program including managing the construction of infrastructure right through to completion and hand over (complete turnkey).
During this period Reeves has refined the effective delivery of locally suitable designs, construction and capacity building initiatives in a challenging low-resource environment. Reeves directly engages with suppliers and contractors and manages contracts, cost control, payment processing and overall financial accountability which involves robust financial, procurement and quality assurance processes.

Reeves can quickly adapt the systems and procedures developed under RSIIP. This includes such diverse requirements as site safety procedures, administration and finance manuals for in-country operations, environmental impact assessment and mitigation measures, construction programming, international procurement, sub-contractor contracts, reporting and communication plans, project executions plans, financial reporting and accounting, local tax and foreign exchange issues and recruitment and management of international personnel.

The project has developed effective communications strategies across a diverse stakeholder group through a combination of Australian-based management and technical support to a substantial in-country presence that drives project delivery. Central to communication has been the acknowledgement of cultural differences in communication and alignment of work practises.

Fostering local leadership roles has required investment by Reeves in local personnel, communities and the industry more generally. Local staff have taken up key roles in the management team in site safety, community engagement and dealing with the often vexing issue of land tenure negotiations. Reeves has played a key role in the formation of the Solomon Islands Built Environment Professionals Association representing the local design and construction industry whose secretariat works from the RSIIP project office. Reeves have also supported the Solomon Islands Colleague of Higher Education (SICHE) to formulate and deliver training programs in relevant skills sets for the construction industry, this includes curriculum development for the SICHE Diploma in Construction Management.

Major Project s Include:
Gizo Correctional Centre is a A$14 million integrated correctional centre at Gizo, together with associated free standing houses for correctional centre staff and all supporting infrastructure.
SKM has completed full design and documentation and Reeves is undertaking construction management, site supervision and contract administration with the project due for completion Oct 2014. Innovative approach to design and on site construction as the Gizo site provides an extremely challenging construction environment due to the extensive slope of the site, and design and construction requirements to meet tsunami risk and cyclones matched with the remote location of the facility. Reeves established a project office at the remote location of Gizo and provides construction management through a team of international and locally employed personnel to manage a number of construction packages, including early civil works, housing construction, correctional centre construction, and in-ground services. The project team is supported by Australian management support that includes logistics and off-shore procurement.

Royal Solomon Island Police Housing Project in association with the Australian Federal Police, Reeves delivered (completed 30 June 2013) 75 free standing kit houses (supply, erect, commission) with many provided in remote locations. Cost A$8 Million
Training of local contractors has been key to rapid roll out with a selected group of local small scale contractors able to move between locations throughout the country to build individual or small clusters of houses.
Through standardized the ‘supply chain’ housing kits can be rapidly ordered, transported, warehoused and erected on site. The success of this model contributes to the program currently being considered for extension into health and education personnel housing in provincial areas.

Project Name
RAMSI Solomon Island Infrastructure Partnership

Solomon Islands


01 July 2011 – 31 Dec 2014

Anticipated project cost
A$30.1 Million (forecast). Project is a facility with rolling funds

Managing Contractor Services 
Reeves: Managing Contractor; Construction Advice, Project Management and Site Supervision.
SKM: Managing Contractor, including Design Services (Novated to Reeves International on 01 July 2013)