Why Join The Reeves Team? Print

What do we offer our consultants?

Whether you are a seasoned industry consultant or leaving Australia for your first time we believe that you are a valued and vital member of our team. As a consultant with Reeves we aim to create a long term trusting relationship as we recognise that enhancing your personal growth and reputation is as important as enhancing ours.

As part of this commitment we aim to provide you with the following:

  • suitable and effective support to enable you to achieve quality outcomes;
  • well documented, efficient systems, processes and procedures;
  • reward and recognition for strong performance;
  • an open relationship where issues can be discussed and resolved in a constructive manner;
  • an open and participatory work environment; and
  • loyalty, and where feasible, ongoing work opportunities.

If you feel at any time that we are not living up to our commitment we encourage you to contact your Project Director or the Reeves General Manager.